‘Ohana Style Dining



Come join us at the table!

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily. Meals are served family style. We aim to use as much locally produced food as possible. Keoki raises and butchers all of our pork and beef, and our fish is wild-caught by local fishermen. We grow some of our own produce and supplement with fruits and vegetables grown locally when we can.


Our breakfast menu doesn’t vary much; you’ll usually find some variation of eggs, smoke meat or bacon, rice, fresh fruit, hot & cold cereals, and tea & coffee.


From simple make-your-own sandwiches and DIY musubi, to burritos or a big pot of chili, lunch varies day by day, and depends a bit on our schedule, but it’s usually simple fare, accompanied by a fresh salad and (of course) a pot of rice.


Our last meal of the day generally features plenty of local style dishes: Pork & peas and pancit, shoyu chicken, nishime, or even a simple beef stew. The highlight for many people is our kalua pig and cabbage, cooked in an imu (underground oven) right on site along with sweet potatoes, ‘ulu (breadfruit), and kalo. 

Special diets:

We provide vegetarian and gluten free* options at each meal. If you have special dietary needs beyond this due to allergies or medical conditions, or maintain a very restrictive diet, we ask that you plan to supplement meals with your own safe food.

*While we do offer gluten free options, if you have celiac disease we are unable to assure that our meals are safe for you. Cross-contamination is a real possibility, and with so many different people preparing meals, there’s always the chance that someone will unknowingly sprinkle a bit of shoyu into a meal that we’d intended to be gluten free.

Zero Waste:

We don’t use plastic ware, paper plates, or paper napkins for our meals, preferring to stick with dinnerware that can be used time and time again. Any food waste generated at meals goes into our famous “piggy bucket.”